Cemu 1.22.7 [51][witek], 2021-03-02 19:07:32

[Source: https://cemu.info/]

general: The default vsync frequency (emulated refresh rate) is now 59.94 to match the actual console.
Graphic packs can still set it to a flat 60.

general: Fixed various small memory leaks.

Vulkan: Revised internal swapchain management and fixed some synchronization bugs in the process.
Double-buffered vsync should no longer cause graphical artifacts.

Vulkan: Added a new experimental vsync mode.
If enabled, Cemu will match the vblank event timing of the emulated display to the physical monitor on which Cemu is displayed. This reduces latency and avoids tearing by piggybacking on the emulated games vsync implementation. For *perfect* results, the vsync rate in Cemu should be equal or slightly higher than the monitor refresh rate. As an example: When playing BotW on a 60 Hz monitor you want to set FPS++ to either 60 FPS or the next higher option. This is assuming stable 60 FPS can be maintained. Alternatively, any integer ratio (1:2, 1:3, 1:4...) should give good results as well. E.g. 30 FPS on 60 Hz, 36/72 FPS on 144 Hz. Even for non-integer ratios (30 FPS on 144 Hz) this mode of vsync should perform at least as well as the Vulkan-native double buffered vsync mode. While this is only available for Vulkan right now, we plan on adding this to OpenGL in the near future

Vulkan: Cemus internal shaders no longer show up in the overlay statistic ("Compiled x shaders"). Unlike game shaders they do not get cached and also do not cause any stutter.

H264/DXVA2: Fixed incorrect handling of mismatching frame pitch.
This should fix broken video playback in Mario Party 10 and Pikmin 3 on some GPUs.

GX2: Fetch shaders with a size of zero wont cause a crash anymore (regression introduced with 1.22.6).
Resolves Minecraft crashing on launch.

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